Dana Fairfield® produces gears , components and custom drives for a wide range of industries and applications. Our customers are leading OEMs who develop equipment and machinery for agriculture, construction, mining, material handling, transportation, marine and industrial applications. From cooling tower fan drives to locomotive traction gears, Dana Fairfield® can be relied upon to provide engineered solutions for your toughest application problems.

FAIRFIELD Solutions 
for Leg drives used on jackups and wind turbine installation vessels  

For more than 40 years Fairfield® has been engineering and building gearboxes used to elevate offshore work platforms.

Fairfield® offers the industry’s most comprehensive program of leg drives with storm holding capacities from 124KNm to 3000KNm.  The available designs cover a broad range of applications for lift boats right up to the largest jack-up platforms.  Each drive is designed to meet duty-specific requirements.   Features such as customized input configurations, output configurations and specific ratios suited to the application make Dana an ideal partner for your project.  Extensive engineering experience ensures the best solution for each vessel, implementing precision gearing for smooth jacking and unbeatable reliability, even for the most demanding applications.

Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), products benefit from marine-specific coatings and the knowledge acquired from having produced over 2000 gearboxes for these unique applications.

FAIRFIELD Solutions 
for above and below ground mining  

Fairfield® is leading provider of finished drives and components used in both above and below ground mining.  Complete system solutions for underground miners, including tram drives, cutter head drives and gathering head drives are available, and proven by years of continuous service under the most demanding conditions. 

Custom drives for underground shuttle cars, and specialty transfer cases for underground electric vehicles are further examples of our extensive experience designing propulsion and work solutions for these difficult applications. 

In above ground mining, Fairfield® is the leading supplier of components used in the electric drive propulsion systems of large surface haul mining trucks.  Components provided for these applications include input shafts, pinions and planet gears.   Renowned for its established expertise with these applications, Fairfield® is trusted by the leading OEM manufacturers of haul trucks for the quality and durability of its driveline components.

FAIRFIELD Solutions 
for  for oil and gas production  

Fairfield® products are to be found worldwide operating critical equipment supporting the production of oil and natural gas.

Example applications include the internal gears and carrier assemblies which drive frac transmissions.  These well injection transmissions operate continuously for weeks on end and are expensive to replace, both in time and lost production.  Fairfield® is recognized across the industry as a supplier with processes and capabilities that match the most demanding requirements and ensure the working performance of these rigs.

A second example is the range of tubing injector head drives developed specifically for well service applications.  The Fairfield® TB series of drives ensures the smooth introduction and retrieval of coiled tubing to facilitate well service operations.  The industry’s largest providers of this equipment choose Dana Fairfield® as their primary drive source for these applications.