With over 100 years in business, Dana Fairfield has accumulated a wealth of application and engineering experience. Whether you require basic manufacturing assistance to produce your build-to-print part or complete engineering services to design and produce your custom drive, Dana Fairfield can match the level of support your project requires.

Specialized in developing drive systems for high power density applications operating in difficult environments, examples of designs from Fairfield® used in mining, marine and industrial applications include: transfer cases for underground electric vehicles, tram, cutter and gathering head drives used in underground miners, auger drives used in surface mining and fan drives used in industrial cooling towers.

Custom drive design services offered by our experienced engineering staff include:

  • CAD / Solids modeling
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Failure analysis of gear assemblies
  • Field application testing through histogram retrieval
  • Product performance testing in both lab and field environments

Jackup drive

Tram Drive

Transfer Case