Dana Fairfield® is uniquely suited to serve your needs as a supply partner for custom gearing.  A member of the AGMA for over 50 years, Dana Fairfield has contributed to numerous technical and manufacturing advancements furthering the development of the gear manufacturing industry.  Our capability to produce complex gear forms and our engineering services offering design assistance are highly valued by OEMs worldwide.  We have the machine tools and heat treatment facilities to produce gears up to 2 meters in diameter and shafts to 3 meters in length in low to medium quantities delivering a consistency in quality and performance.

Custom gear capabilities include:

  • External and internal gears
  • Spur and helical gears and pinions
  • Straight and spiral bevel gears and pinions
  • Precision ground gears
  • High-speed gears
  • Planetary gear designs
  • Hypoid® and Zerol® gears and pinions
  • Shafts – plain, keyed, splined, flanged or spur
  • Tapered serrations
  • Design services to resolve problems with gear noise, heat, vibration, and early failure
  • On-site material treatments include:
    • Carburizing
    • Induction hardening
    • Through hardening
    • Nitriding
    • Shot peening & press quenching